"I'm an entrepreneur and I'm proud. I make mistakes, I learn, I fall over, I get up, I dust myself down, I help others, I live life with value, purpose and excitement"

I've been told I've got a big ego and do you know what, people are right, but what they miss is my vision is a lot bigger and my heart is even bigger.

Born in West London in the early 70's, I'm on a journey, a journey which I enjoy being on (most of the time!), a journey which has it's ups and downs and a journey which has given me amazing experiences.

My career took me around the West London area in the leisure, retail, residential lettings, licensed retail, security, distribution, packaging and sports industries before relocating to the East Midlands embarking on a journey into business, leadership and entrepreneurship.

My philosophy in life is to enjoy life and learn from the lessons that are dealt. I have had moments in my life where I've cried my eyes out for whatever reason and there have been moments where I've celebrated for days on end following success. It's the journey we are all on.

I still haven't discovered what makes me tick, maybe you can help point me in that direction, but for the time being, please do enjoy my blog, enjoy life and smile!